• Sheep at Three Charm Farm
  • Sheep at Three Charm Farm
  • Sheep at Three Charm Farm

Sheep at Three Charm Farm

At Three Charm Farm, our sheep are raised with a holistic approach to their health and happiness and as an integrated part of the whole farm and its micro-environment. We collaborate and follow guidelines set by the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) regarding our environmental practices.

bred and nurtured for health and happiness

During the grazing season ‘our girls’ are rotated through various pasture units and small wooded areas, given garden herbs & veggies, grains, kelp, minerals and high quality hay. We work to provide a peaceful, loving structure and schedule with daily affection to every individual. Our animals have access to shelter as well as the outdoors 24/7 except during severe weather, illness, birthing or at night when they are very young.

Three Charm Farm is a closed herd and flock. We take our bio-security very seriously and as a responsible farmer, breeder and dairy producer, we test our sheep for CAE/OPP, CL, and Johne’s Disease. As a licensed dairy, we regularly test for TB/Brucellosis. The state of Maine’s Department of Agriculture also tests our milk, cheese, and water on a regular basis.

Spring Lambs for Sale

Reservations will reopen in 2023!

Check back in early 2023 to reserve lambs and kids. We usually start in February, so don't miss out!

spring lambs for sale

We are accepting reservations for spring lambs and kids! We have had wait lists for the past three years, so don’t delay if you want to buy an animal!

Reservations Required & Limited

In order to reserve a lamb, you will need to place a $50 deposit for each lamb you would like to reserve. This deposit will hold your place on our list. Reservations go very quickly and we often have a waitlist. If you make a reservation and place a non-refundable deposit and we cannot provide you with what you have reserved OR if we decide to retain the lamb you have reserved, we WILL IMMEDIATELY refund your deposit.

We will NOT refund your deposit if you change your mind, if you have a change in circumstance, etc. We do our best to fulfill your request but offer no guarantees as we cannot decide the gender and final number of babies that will grace our farm in any given year!

2024 Lamb Availability & Pricing

All lambs (wethers and ewe lambs) will be $250.00 each, except Dairy Ram lambs for breeding which are East Friesian X Lacuane. Only excellent dairy ram lambs will be offered at $400.00, the rest will be wethers. We expect lambing to take place March 9th - April 15th and expect approximately 40 lambs this year.

Most of the time, we prefer our ewes to raise their lambs until they are weaned, which is 4-6 weeks after they are born. There are circumstances when a lamb may leave the farm prior to being weaned, thus making it a ‘bottle baby.’ These are considered and offered on a case-by-case basis. The cost for any lamb (except Rams) will be $250 this year.

We will vaccinate lambs for CD&T upon request at no charge. Our sheep are naturally polled, though some have occasionally developed scurs. All of our adult sheep have been tested (negative) by our vet for OPP, CL, and Johnes with results available upon request. We do not ear tag or tattoo our lambs but microchip them for you. Microchips can be read by a universal reader.

Genetics & Breeding

Our dams are East Friesian crosses, East Friesian/Lacaune. Our rams are out of an EF ewe X Lacaune (semen via artificial insemination).

Resources for Owners

We specialize in supporting first time owners before and after they purchase from us! We really want both you and your new animals to be happy. View our Resources For Owners for lots of helpful links and information!