small batch cheese and yogurt from happy sheep & goats

Three Charm Farm is a farmstead creamery located in Alfred, Maine. We create small handmade batches of seasonal fresh cheese and yogurt with the help of our lovingly raised goats and sheep. We have also started offering raw goat milk!

As a licensed dairy, we produce fresh yogurt and cheeses from a combination of goat and sheep milk that is heat treated (not pasteurized). Our animals have 24/7 access to both shelter and outdoor spaces. We practice rotational grazing/browse from late spring through late fall.

Our sheep and goats are fed a custom mix of grains, minerals, kelp, herbs, and high quality hay. We produce our cheese and yogurt from mid-May through November 1st, and we love our animals all year long.

flavor notes that change with the seasons

We work within our seasonal constraints and by doing so, the flavors and textures of our products evolve depending on the time of lactation, what’s growing in the pastures, and how our micro- and macro-environments adjust to rainfall and climate. This combination creates unique and amazing flavor notes that change throughout the season.


A creamy, soft, spreadable cheese with a mild flavor that can be paired with either sweet or savory accompaniments. 5 ounces or 1 pound

Chèvre +

A creamy, soft, spreadable cheese with a hint of our own minced, raw garlic or garlic scapes and rosemary marinated in EVOO and black peppercorns. 5+ ounces or 1 pound

Fresh Feta

Dense yet creamy with a mild tang in a light salt brine. 5+ ounces or 1 pound


Plain yogurt with a medium thickness and light tangy flavor. Available in pint and quart sizes.

Raw Goat Milk

New for 2024! Our goat milk is available in quart and half-gallon sizes.

how to buy

In addition to our CSA and retail options (below), you can call or email us to arrange to buy product at the farm. We accept both PayPal and Venmo, cash (exact amount please), and check.

We are open for self-service 7 days per week from sunrise to sunset. We try to keep everything stocked, but we often sell out, so we recommend texting to make sure products are available. Self-service and curbside pickup are both available. Let us know what you’d like and when you’d like to pick it up. We’ll then confirm your order and provide you with a total.

Keep in mind that we’re a working farm. The store is not 'staffed', but there is often someone around. Please understand that we’re really busy producing all of the products you have come to enjoy and can't always stop to socialize – please don't take it personally! We’re always happy that you”re here, but our animals need us!

Find us in the wild!

Three Charm Farm’s yogurt and cheeses are available for sale at select resellers and are used in the menus of a few fine restaurants in the area. View a list of Maine farms, farmers markets, and restaurants that offer Three Charm Farm products.