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Goats at Three Charm Farm

At Three Charm Farm, our goats are raised with a holistic approach to their health and happiness and as an integrated part of the whole farm and its micro-environment. We are members of the Mini Dairy Goat Association and collaborate and follow guidelines set by the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) regarding our environmental practices. As a licensed dairy, we regularly test for TB/Brucellosis. The state of Maine’s Department of Agriculture also tests our milk, cheese, and water on a regular basis.

bred and nurtured for health and happiness

During the grazing season ‘our girls’ are rotated through various pasture units and small wooded areas, given garden herbs & veggies, grains, kelp, minerals and high quality hay. We work to provide a peaceful, loving structure and schedule with daily affection to every individual. Our animals have access to shelter as well as the outdoors 24/7 except during severe weather, illness, birthing or at night when they are very young. Enjoy photos of the Three Charm goats in our photo gallery!

Goat Kids for Sale

We have started accepting reservations for spring lambs and kids. We had a VERY long wait list in 2020, so don’t delay if you want to buy an animal!

Reservations Required & Limited

Your name will be put on our reservation list in the order in which your deposit is received. If we do not have the kids born that you indicate on the form, we will refund your deposit. If we do have what you indicate on the form, your deposit will be put toward your purchase but will be considered non-refundable if you change your mind.

2021 Kid Availability & Pricing

This spring, we are expecting approximately 30 goat kids. We have several different breeds and breed crosses available. All males, (except purebred males that we believe will make good registered sires) will be castrated (wethered) and offered as pets/companion animals for $175.00. All non-registered/mixed breed female goat kids will be available for $195.00. All will be disbudded, receive a CDT vaccine and be available for take home at 6-8 weeks (at weaning).

There are times and reasons why a goat kid may leave the farm prior to being weaned, thus making it a ‘bottle baby.’ These are considered and offered on a case-by-case basis. ALL females would be considered excellent breeding candidates (all bred to Registered Males) and come from high quality milking lines.

Purebred and/or registered Nigerian Dwarfs and Mini-Nubians kids will be available. Pricing will start at $300 per animal. All will be disbudded, received their CD&T, microchipped, and will have registration paperwork for you to submit to either MGDA and/or ADGA upon pickup.

We do not currently have our breeding schedule online, but we will confirm your preferences and provide pictures and information for the dams and sires that may produce the kids that you are looking to purchase. We can also schedule an appointment to do a facetime call or an in-person (Covid-safe) appointment.

Adult Does & Bucks

We may have adult does and bucks available for sale with/without kids in the spring. Please let us know if you’d like to be notified if any become available.

Resources for Owners

We specialize in supporting first time owners before and after they purchase from us! We really want both you and your new animals to be happy. View our Resources For Owners for lots of helpful links and information!

Reserve Goat Kids (Non-Registered Stock) | Reserve Goat Kids (Registered Stock)