• Goats at Three Charm Farm
  • Goats at Three Charm Farm
  • Goats at Three Charm Farm
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Goats at Three Charm Farm

At Three Charm Farm, our goats are raised with a holistic approach to their health and happiness and as an integrated part of the whole farm and its micro-environment. We are members of the Mini Dairy Goat Association and collaborate and follow guidelines set by the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) regarding our environmental practices. As a licensed dairy, we regularly test for TB/Brucellosis. The state of Maine’s Department of Agriculture also tests our milk, cheese, and water on a regular basis.

bred and nurtured for health and happiness

During the grazing season ‘our girls’ are rotated through various pasture units and small wooded areas, given garden herbs & veggies, grains, kelp, minerals and high quality hay. We work to provide a peaceful, loving structure and schedule with daily affection to every individual. Our animals have access to shelter as well as the outdoors 24/7 except during severe weather, illness, birthing or at night when they are very young. Enjoy photos of the Three Charm goats in our photo gallery!

Goat Kids for Sale

Reservations will reopen in 2023!

Check back in early 2023 to reserve lambs and kids. We usually start in February, so don't miss out!