Cheese CSA : FAQ

Q: What is a CSA?

A : CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSAs allow community members to buy ‘shares’ (a predetermined amount) of a local farmer’s product for the year. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship for both the member and farmer. The farmer gets a level of financial support and stability knowing that their product will sell, and members enjoy local, fresh, healthy foods, often at a discount! (Our CSA members enjoy a 10% discount on all of our products.)

CSAs benefit the local economy and environment while allowing us all to enjoy the beautiful rural spaces that family farms provide.

Q: How does your Cheese CSA work?

A : Three Charm Farm offers two CSA sessions each year. Our Summer Share is 15 weeks long and runs from May 27th through September 2nd, and our Full Season Share is 24 weeks and runs from May 27th through November 4th. Both sessions come with several options and are highly customizable. Once a session begins, members come to the farm once a week to pick up their share for that week!

Please refer to our Cheese CSA page for full details on this year’s CSA, including pricing and dates to remember.

Q: What if I just want to buy cheese once in a while?

A : In the past, we did offer a self service refrigerator at the farm where you could pick up one or two items. Due to the pandemic, we do not currently offer this service, but you can pre-order on the website for curbside pick-up! We will be selling our products to a few select vegetable farm stands and retail stores as well as fine restaurants!

View a list of farms, markets, and restaurants where you can find our products.

Q: When can I pick up my cheese?

A : When you sign up for our CSA, you will have two pickup days and times to choose from (or a self-service option). If you participate in a vegetable CSA in the area, you may also be able to pick up your cheese at that farm! If none of those options work, please let us know. We will do our best to find a solution that works for you.

Q: How does payment work for the CSA?

A : Payment for the season is expected at the time you sign up for the CSA. You can sign up and pay securely right through our website, or you may contact us to arrange payment by cash or check.

Paying for the CSA up front is what ensures stability in the program, but if this is a significant hardship for you, please let us know and we will work with you to set up a payment plan that can work with your budget. Everybody deserves fresh, healthy, delicious cheese!!

Q: There’s an option to add 3% to my total when I buy items and make donations on your website. What is that?

A : Whenever someone checks out with a credit card, Three Charm Farm must pay a percentage of that transaction in processing fees. By adding a 3% tip, you help us cover those fees!

As a small family farm, these fees are significant, and we truly appreciate whenever anyone adds that tip!

Q: I see you use PayPal for checkout. Do I need a PayPal account to shop on your website?

A : Nope! While Three Charm Farm uses the PayPal merchant interface to securely process credit card transactions, no PayPal account is necessary for you to check out. It’s just like any other secure credit card transaction!

Q: Is it possible to add extra cheese to my share on any given week?

A : Absolutely! If you let us know a few days in advance, we can probably accommodate your additional order (including 10% off of the retail price). If you let us know on the day of pickup, we may or may not be able to fill your extra order. We will always try!!

If you’re having an event, our products are available by the pound! Please let us know at least 3 days in advance to order cheese by the pound.

Q: Do you ship cheese?

A : We do not ship food products at this time.

Q: Can I park and visit the animals when I come to pick up my order?

A : We are SO sorry, but to keep everyone safe during this pandemic we are not allowing visitors. For now, people must stay in their cars when coming to the farm. We hope this changes very soon!

Until we’re all able to get together again, please enjoy our live barn cam, our gallery page, and pictures and videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Q : How does pickup day work during Covid?

A : Pull up to the farm barn side door and we will bring your cheese to you! If someone doesn’t come right out, please honk your horn twice - some cars have become very quiet! We ask that you drive very slowly up the hill, as there can be dogs, cats, poultry, sheep, and goats out and about! We will be wearing a mask and/or socially distanced. All farmers, workers, students and volunteers are vaccinated.

Q : What if I have a change of plans and need to pick up my share on another day or time?

A : We will do all we can to accommodate you! Just please remember that we are a very small farm with limited resources and labor, so the earlier you communicate with us, the easier it will be for us to be flexible. Texting is the quickest way to get an answer and email is fine if your answer can wait 12-24 hours. Our goal is for you to enjoy our delicious cheese!

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